A different breed of consultants, coaches, trainers,… 

We don’t stick to one certain idea, we don’t have a fixed curriculum, we don’t evangelize a specific tool, model or method that will solve everything for you,… because we know it will not.

We do like to experiment and learn something new. That’s how we push ourselves and each other to challenge what we think we know.


Geert De Cang
Not just an Agile Consultant

I team up with managers who want to install a leadership culture of inquiry, learning and curiosity.

My goal is to enable collective focus on goals and to eradicate the management fairytale that it requires decisive (stubborn?) execution of preconceived plans.

Stijn Decneut
Not just a Management Consultant

I advise managers who want to focus on value creation for employees and customers without resorting to leadership clichés or fluffy wishful thinking.

My goal is to enable sustainable cultural transformations effectively and efficiently.

Yves Callens
Not just a Lean Manager

I advise managers who are not properly served by typical leadership training and standardized solutions.

My goal is to develop management based on objective understanding.

Maarten Vanherle
Not just a Coach

I team up with leaders who want to help people grow, without just using carrots and sticks or hoping for the best.

My goal is to help you to be at your best so you can unlock potential. Yours and others.

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