At the 2021 LeSS Conference in Prague, I explain what it takes to turn your unknowns into your greatest asset.

Why is that relevant? Well, do you know how Agile techniques improve the reliability of your planning & delivery and speed up the implementation of your strategies, without disrupting your existing business and way of working? They don’t.

If that’s the fairytale you like to believe, stop reading here. Really, do yourself a favour.

"... only if you are well organized for what you don't know."

The truth is that Agile techniques are not designed to confirm existing plans and strategies. 

They tend to do the exact opposite. They can help you find the flaws in your current thinking and face the many things that you don’t know (yet).

Agile techniques enable you to improve and speed up, but only if you are well organized for what you don’t know.


Most executives suck at not knowing

They are expected to have all the answers and show steadfast determination. 

They like to be told that agile techniques will enable them to control an unpredictable reality. 

They believe vigorously in their meticulously devised strategies, ignoring future events and the harsh reality that all strategies are full of assumptions, some of them unavoidably flawed.

"Most executives suck at not knowing."


At NoFairies we know it doesn’t have to be like that. We support managers who want to achieve sustainable business agility without resorting to expensive consultancy fairytales, such as framework-driven transformation programmes and multi-year budget-driven strategies. We do this in a very human-centred way, but we like to keep a safe distance from fluffy coaching romantics.

If you didn’t make it to the conference, hit the contact button and we will happily tell you all about it.