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We are NoFairies, a collective of collective of experienced managers and consultants. We advise leaders who want to focus on sustainable value creation for employees and customers.

Our customers describe us as a different breed of coaches and trainers, as they value our no-nonsense, no-taboo attitude and razor-sharp view on effective leadership even higher than our profound expertise in all things Lean and Agile.

Our ultimate goal is to liberate the world of management from unsubstantiated leadership clichés and fluffy wishful thinking.

Curious to know more about what we do, how we do, …. and how we can help you? Let’s have a chat.

The Most Important Skill for Succeeding With Agile: Who Knows?

At the 2021 LeSS Conference in Prague, our colleague Stijn explains what it takes to turn your unknowns into your greatest strength.
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Keynote – Kunst van Ondernemen

How you deal with what you don’t know makes all the difference for people in a leadership position. On 8 September, our colleague Stijn explained this in detail at the Trends Business Information event “Kunst van Ondernemen” (NL) in Museum M, Leuven.
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